Lecturer in economics

PhD Economics (Rhodes) , MA Economics (Mlw), Bsoc(Mlw)


Dr. Munthali holds a PhD in Health Economics obtained from Rhodes University in South Africa in 2009 and a Master of Economics Degree obtained from the Collaborative Master Programme (CMAP) of the African Economic Research Consortium (AERC) based in Kenya. Dr. Munthali is a senior lecturer in Economics. He has twenty-five years of regional and national experience on health economics research and consultancy. He has worked on the analysis and evaluation of health interventions including costing of hospital activities for economic efficiency in Kenyan Hospitals, costing of high impact activities of MNCH for UNFPA in Malawi, costing and evaluation of the MNCH Rapid Scale Up in Malawi in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University, National Health Expenditures Analysis/National Health Accounts with Abt Associates, Ministry of Health and the Eastern, Central and Southern Africa Health Community (ECSA), the World Bank Public Expenditure Reviews, the National AIDS Spending Assessments (NASA), the Performance Oriented Resource Tracking and Investment Assessment (PORTIA) for HIV Activities in LMICs supported by UNAIDS, and the evaluation of the SSDI facility services with USAID Malawi and the Health Sector Strategic Plan for the Ministry of Health in Malawi. He has also conducted costing of the Plan of Action for the M&E work plan for National AIDS Commission in Malawi.


Current projects include the building of a repository for unit costs for HIV and AIDS services in Malawi with Avenir Health, pretesting of a tool for Estimating the Costs of Delivering Services to Key Populations in Malawi and Delivery of TA for Nutrition Resource Tracking and Resource Mobilization for the Department of Nutrition (DNHA) in Malawi in collaboration with R4D Institute. More broadly, Dr. Munthali has been conducting collaborative research with Johns Hopkins University (USA), University of Cologne (Germany), London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and PATH & R4D (NGOs based in USA) and CISIDAT-Institute of Public Health in Mexico.


Selected publications 


Levin,A.,  Munthali,S., Vodungbo,V.,  Rukhadze,N., Maitra,K.,  Ashagari,T.,  Brenzel.L.(2019). Scope and magnitude of private sector financing and provision of immunization in Benin, Malawi and Georgia. Vaccine 37. 3568–3575


Borghi, J., Munthali, S., Million, L. B., & Martinez-Alvarez, M. (2018). Health financing at district level in Malawi: an analysis of the distribution of funds at two points in time. Health policy and planning33(1), 59-69.


Munthali S, et al Out of Pocket Costs associated with ART in Malawi; Submitted to Global Health Research and Policy-Avenir Health-IAEN Manuscript supported by the BMGF Working Paper- December 2018


Pecenka C, Munthali S, Chunga P, Levin A, Morgan W, Lambach P, et al. (2017) Maternal influenza immunization in Malawi: Piloting a maternal influenza immunization program costing tool by examining a prospective program. PLoS ONE 12(12): e0190006.


Kulik, M. C., Bialous, S. A., Munthali, S., & Max, W. (2017). Tobacco growing and the sustainable development goals, Malawi. Bulletin of the World Health Organization95(5), 362–367.

Kanyuka, M., Ndawala, J., Mleme, T., Chisesa, L., Makwemba, M., Amouzou, A., ... Munthali, S., & Colbourn, T. (2016). Malawi and Millennium Development Goal 4: a Countdown to 2015 country case study. The Lancet Global Health4(3), e201-e214.


Amouzou, A., Kanyuka, M., Hazel, E., Heidkamp, R., Marsh, A., Mleme, T., Munthali, S.,... & Bryce, J. (2016). In Response: Independent Evaluation of the Integrated Community Case Management of Childhood Illness Strategy in Malawi Using a National Evaluation Platform Design. The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene94(6), 1434.


Mann, C., Ng, C., Akseer, N., Munthali., S.M et al. (2016) . Countdown to 2015 country case studies: what can analysis of national health financing contribute to understanding MDG 4 and 5 progress?. BMC Public Health 16, 792


Serieux, J. E., Munthali, S., Sepehri, A., & White, R. (2012). The impact of the global economic crisis on HIV and AIDS programs in a high prevalence country: the case of Malawi. World Development40(3), 501-515.


You can find more of his work on his Google Scholar page   and ResearchGate

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