Lecturer in economics

PhD Econ (York,UK) , MA Econ(Mw) , BSoc (Mw)

I am an Economist with interests in Health Economics. I obtained my PhD in Economics from the University of York, UK and was based at the Centre for Health Economics. My PhD was supervised by Marc Suhrcke and Andrew Jones and Rodrigo Moreno-Serra . My main research interests are along the topics in health economics and global health economics. Notably, the research from low- and middle-income countries, which involves the micro econometric applications in the economic evaluation of public health interventions, the measurement of socioeconomic inequalities in — and determinants of health, decomposition methods, empirical policy impact evaluation and those methods using quasi-experimental methods.

I have also been a consultant for various institutions such as the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), WHO, ODI, UNICEF, among others.

Alternative Contact: gowokani@gmail.com


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