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Classes- ECO 212- Mathematics for Economists, ECO 430- Health Economics, ECO 420- Econometrics, ECO 690- Health Economics.

Gowokani Chijere Chirwa is a Lecturer in Economics. He holds a Master in Economics as well as Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science majoring in Economics and Sociology from University of Malawi. He has taught Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Health economics, Mathematics for economics and econometrics at undergraduate levels. He has more than 8 years’ fieldwork data collection and analysis. His main interests are in application of econometric methods in health.

Currently he is on study leave and studying PhD at the University of York. For more information, vist; http://www.york.ac.uk/economics/our-people/student-profiles/gowokani-chirwa/#profile and https://www.york.ac.uk/che/staff/students/gowokani-chirwa/

Alternative Contact : gcc509@york.ac.uk




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Chirwa,G.C., and Chaweza, R.D.C(2017). Willingness to pay for Digital Terrestrial transmission in Malawi

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Chirwa,G.C. , Chilongo, M.,  and Sithole, L., (2016). HIV and AIDS Stigma: What Drives the  Gender HIV/AIDS Accepting Attitudes Gap in Malawi? (Paper presented at Malawi AIDS conference 2016 and in Review at Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) and also at 11th Interest conference Malawi http://interestworkshop.org/fullprogram/ May 2017

Chirwa,G.C., Sithole, L., Mhango., C., Banda, C.R. and Saulosi.  T. (2016). Accounting for  Heterogeneity in HIV Comprehensive Knowledge in Malawi . Paper presented at 11th Interest conference Malawi http://interestworkshop.org/fullprogram/ May 2017

Chiwaula,. L.S., Chirwa., G.C., Binauli, L., and Banda , J. Nagoli, J.(2016).Willingness to Pay  for Fish Solar Tent Dryers Among Fish Processors from Lake Malawi

Chirwa,G.C.,  Tsokalida E.E., Jere ., L., and Sambo,. E. (2016). Does Tourism Have Any Impact  on Malawian Economy?  

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