October 6, 2016   JM
The DOE welcomes both second year and first year MA Residential Students

The Department of Economics wishes to welcome second year students who have just come from the Joint Facility for Electives (JFE) in Nairobi. The Department wishes the students their very best as they proceed to engage in their final stages of writing their dissertations.


In addition to welcoming the second years, the DOE is very excited to welcome first year students under the MA Residental programme. Takulandirani! As you settle down, please take some time to familiarise yourselves with the Department, the Faculty of Social Science, and the Chancellor College. We look forward to a very exciting time with each one of you. Addressing them on their arrival to the Depeartment and the College, the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences indicated that the Faculty and the College prides in the Masters Program given its high standards and quality. He therefore urged the students to work hard so as to maintain the standards.


Let do this! Let us learn economics as we strive to improve our societies.



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